Public Speaking


June 18: Music Production Workshop: University of the Arts, London

June 11: Guest Lecture: London College of Communication, University of the Arts, London

May 20: Guest Lecture: De Montford University, Leicester, UK

Feb 22: Conference Paper: Home Work and Music: Musical Practices in Domestic Spaces. University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna, Austria


June 16: Featured Author: Society For Music Production Research Launch Event, Online

April 20: Guest Panellist: Futures in Music and Audio, Cambridge Sound and Vision, UK

April 14: Guest Lecture: Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (ICMP), London

April 4: Guest Lecture: University of Cincinnati, College Conservatory of Music, Ohio, US

February 21: Guest Lecture: BIMM Brighton, UK



November 30: Guest lecture and music production workshop: University of Groningen, Holland.

November 16: Guest Lecture: The University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

April 1 : Guest Lecture: University of Birmingham, UK.

March 8 : Guest Lecture: The University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

March 7: Online Guest Lecture: Drexel University, Philadelphia, US


Nov. 19: Online Guest Lecture: University of The Highlands and Islands, Scotland.

Nov. 17: Guest Lecture: BIMM London, UK.

Oct. 19: Guest Lecture: Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, UK:

‘Bravo! Stimulated all sorts of thoughts in terms of what you were discussing in itself, and all sorts of parallels…. a really stimulating and useful seminar… a great start to the season!’ Prof. Christopher Dingle, Public Research Seminars Curator.

May 25: Presentation at the  IASPM Popular Music Studies Research Day : Centre for Music, Culture and Identity, University of Huddersfield, UK.

May 7: Presentation as part of the Sonic Herts Festival at the University of Hertfordshire

March 10: Guest Lecture: City University, London, UK.

Feb. 23: Guest Lecture: University of Westminster, London, UK.

Feb. 16: Online Guest Lecture: Drexel University, Philadelphia, US

Feb. 4: Online Guest Lecture: Kingston University, London, UK.

Jan. 12: Online Guest Lecture: Middlesex University, London, UK.


Nov. 24: Online Guest Lecture: University of Agder, Norway:  ‘Thanks so much to Dr  Paula Wolfe for her inspiring guest lecture today on our PhD programme in Popular Music at UiA – Universitetet i Agde.’  Prof. Stan Hawkins.

Oct. 22: Online Guest Lecture: University of Leeds, UK.

Oct. 21: Online Guest Lecture: University of Victoria, Canada

Oct. 14: Online Guest Lecture: University of Sussex, UK.

Oct. 9: Production Masterclass: The Liverpool Institute For Performing Arts (LIPA), Liverpool, UK.

Sept. 28: Online Guest Lecture: University of The Highlands and Islands, Scotland.

June 9: Online Presentation: London Calling: IASPM UK and Ireland Online Conference, University of West London, UK.

April 28: Online Guest Lecture, University of Groningen, Netherlands.

Feb. 24: Guest Lecture, University of New Buckinghamshire, UK.

Jan. 28: Guest Lecture, Goldsmiths, London, UK.


Dec .6: Book Launch: Innovation in Music Conference, University of West London, UK.

Nov. 26: Guest Lecture, University of Westminster, London, UK.

Nov. 19: Guest Lecture,University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK.

Nov. 6: Guest Lecture, Glasgow University, Scotland.

Oct. 21: Guest Lecture, Southampton Solent University, Southampton, UK.

October 19: Speaker on Gender and Diversity Panel, Wild Paths Festival, Norwich, UK.

August 8:Speaker on industry round table discussion: Songwriting, Streaming and Sustainability @ The Ivors Academy, London, UK.


July 4-7: DIY: identity, community and the politics of independence. Keep It Simple Make It Fast Conference (KISMIF), University of Porto, Portugal.


Sep. 28: Panel Speaker: gender equality and diversity in music. Nordic Days Festival. The British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors (BASCA) in collaboration with the Swedish Composer (FST), London Southbank Centre, London, UK.

Dec. 2-4: ‘When the screen disappears, and even though you’re looking at it you’re only hearing and listening to music, only then I know that I may have something good’ (Molina 2016): music production, creativity, genre and gender.Art of Record Production (ARP) Conference. Aalborg, Denmark.


Sept. 8-10: Kobalt, new industry and the female singer-songwriter: disruptive technology and gender in a fractured space. IASPM UK and Ireland Conference, Brighton, UK.


June 16: Female Singer-Songwriter to Artist-Producer: music production, media representation and gender. The Gendered Politics of Production: Girls and Women as Media Producers. Middlesex University, London, UK.


Dec. 4-6: Between the Private and the Public: the artist-producer and hybrids of production practice in the digital era. Art of Record Production (ARP) Conference, Oslo, Norway.


Sept. 12-14: I’ve got to trust myself coz there’s no A&R dad who’s gonna take the rap for me’ (Little Boots, 2013). Self-production, self-releasing: new industry and gender. IASPM UK and Ireland Conference. Cork, Eire.


March 15: ‘Feel it and Catch a Vibe’(Summers, I., 2010):Music Production and Gender. Post-graduate Symposium. University of Liverpool, UK.


Nov. 13-15: ‘Face It Guys, She’s A Genius’ (Empire, K., 2006): Production, Gender and the Independent Music Industry.ARP Conference. University of South Wales, Cardiff, Wales.


Nov. 14-16: Just Ask George: self-production, self-promotion, gender and the British independent artist.  ARP Conference. Lowell University, Massachusetts, US.


June 25-19: Will you be my Friend? Digital technology, the fan, the artist, the label: democracy for all? IASPM 14th Biennial Conference. Mexico City University, Mexico.


Sept. 17-18: A Studio of Her Own: Self-production and the Female Independent Artist.ARP Conference. University of Westminster, London, UK.


July 18-23: Sounds a bit like Dido: the British music press and the female singer-songwriter. IASPM 13th Biennial Conference. University of Rome, Italy.