April 2019

Throwing my tuppence worth in at the superb Music Connected conference hosted by The Association of Independent Music:

Gepostet von Association of Independent Music am Donnerstag, 4. April 2019


March 2019

Good fun chatting chunes with fanzine Velvet Sheep:

PAULA WOLFE – Song For Ewe

The Single Video:

Having sung Georgia Blue in the raw on The Tour De Mont Blanc, on a stairwell in Portugal, on The Camino de Santiago, in The French Alps and in Soho at The Groucho Club,  here now is the recorded version ahead of the full album release. Paula is joined by Owen Morgan on bass, Phillip Trzebiatowski on cello and Jim O’Toole on bass.

The Single Stream:

The Album/Book Release news:

We’re looking to release the full album White Dots (* * * * MOJO) in line with the publication of Paula’s book: Women in The Studio: creativity, control and gender in popular music sound production. (Routledge)

The manuscript is is currently being prepared for print. Due for publication June 14. 


Live dates to follow soon.

January 2019

White Dots receives strong support in the January Issue of:


Paula’s back catalogue has been remastered  and will be re-released following the  release of the new album.


August 2018

Paula is now back from her very successful pre-release European Walking Tour 2018. Photos and videos can be seen on FB and @paulawolfewalking

June 2018

Paula is due to release her third album in line with the publication of her book:

Details to follow.

September 2018

Start at 34:04

The British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors (BASCA) invited Paula to take part in a panel discussion they were hosting around the topic of gender equality and diversity in music.It was in collaboration with the Swedish Composer organisation FST and took place on 28th September at 3pm at London Southbank Centre.

BASCA at Nordic Music Days Festival: Gender Equality and Diversity in Music