2019: Women in the Studio: Creativity, Control and Gender in Popular Music Sound Production (Routledge)

2019: Taking Creative Control:

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2012: A Studio of One’s Own: music production, technology and gender.Journal on The Art of Record Production, Issue 7.

Conference Papers

2019. Women in The Studio official book launch. Innovation in Music Conference, University of West London, UK. 7 December.

2018. DIY: identity, community and the politics of independence. Keep It Simple Make It Fast Conference (KISMIF), University of Porto, Portugal. 4-7 July.

2016.‘When the screen disappears, and even though you’re looking at it you’re only hearing and listening to music, only then I know that I may have something good’ (Juana Molina, 2016): music production, creativity, genre and gender. 11th Art of Record Production Conference (ARP), University of Aalborg, Denmark.2-4 December.

2016. Kobalt, new industry and the female singer-songwriter: disruptive technology and gender in a fractured space. IASPM UK and Ireland Conference, British and Irish Modern Music Institute, Brighton. 8-10 Sept.

2015. Female Singer-Songwriter to Artist-Producer: music production, media representation and gender. The Gendered Politics of Production: Girls and Women as Media Producers, Middlesex University, London. 16 June.

2014. Between the Private and the Public: the artist-producer and hybrids of production practice in the digital era. 9th  ARP Conference, University of Oslo, Denmark. 4-6 Dec.

2014. ‘I’ve got to trust myself coz there’s no A&R dad who’s gonna take the rap for me’ (Little Boots, 2013). Self-production, self-releasing: new industry and gender. IASPM UK and Ireland Conference, University of Cork,Republic of Ireland. 12- 14 Sept.

2010. ‘Feel it and Catch a Vibe’ (Isabella Summers, 2010): Music Production and Gender.Symposium, University of Liverpool, UK. 15 March.

2009. ‘Face It Guys, She’s A Genius’ (Kitty Empire,  2006): Production, Gender and the Independent Music Industry. 5th ARP Conference, University of Glamorgan, Wales. 13-15 Nov.

2008. Just Ask George: self-production, self-promotion, gender and the British independent artist. 4th ARP Conference, University of Massachusetts,USA. 14-16 Nov.

2007.Will you be my Friend? Digital technology, the fan, the artist, the label: democracy for all?  14th IASPM Biennial Conference, Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City. 25-29 June.

2005. A Studio of Her Own: Self-production and the Female Independent Artist. 1st ARP Conference, University of Westminster, London. 17-18 Sept.

2005. Sounds a bit like Dido: the British music press and the female singer-songwriter. 13th IASPM Biennial Conference, Univ. of Rome, Italy. 18-23 July.

2003. Hotbedders Unite! Female Musicians, Networking and the Music Industry. IASPM 11th Biennial International Conference, McGill University, Montreal. 3-7 July.