Public Speaking


April 1 : Guest Lecture: University of Birmingham

March 8 : Guest Lecture: The University of Edinburgh

March 7: Online Guest Lecture: Drexel University, Philadelphia, US


Nov. 19: Online Guest Lecture: University of The Highlands and Islands

Nov. 17: Guest Lecture: BIMM London

Oct. 19: Guest Lecture: Royal Birmingham Conservatoire: ‘Bravo! Stimulated all sorts of thoughts in terms of what you were discussing in itself, and all sorts of parallels…. a really stimulating and useful seminar… a great start to the season!’ Prof. Christopher Dingle, Public Research Seminars Curator.

May 25: Presentation at the  IASPM Popular Music Studies Research Day : Centre for Music, Culture and Identity, University of Huddersfield

May 7: Presentation as part of the Sonic Herts Festival at the University of Hertfordshire

March 10: Guest Lecture: City University, London

Feb. 23: Guest Lecture: University of Westminster, London

Feb. 16: Online Guest Lecture: Drexel University, Philadelphia, US

Feb. 4: Online Guest Lecture: Kingston University, London

Jan. 12: Online Guest Lecture: Middlesex University, London


Nov. 24: Online Guest Lecture: University of Agder, Norway:  ‘Thanks so much to Dr  Paula Wolfe for her inspiring guest lecture today on our PhD programme in Popular Music at UiA – Universitetet i Agde.’  Prof. Stan Hawkins.

Oct. 22: Online Guest Lecture: University of Leeds

Oct. 21: Online Guest Lecture: University of Victoria, Canada

Oct. 14: Online Guest Lecture: University of Sussex

Oct. 9: Production Masterclass: The Liverpool Institute For Performing Arts (LIPA)

Sept. 28: Online Guest Lecture: University of The Highlands and Islands

June 9: Online Presentation: London Calling: IASPM UK and Ireland Online Conference, University of West London

April 28: Online Guest Lecture, University of Groningen, Netherlands

Feb. 24: Guest Lecture, University of New Buckinghamshire

Jan. 28: Guest Lecture, Goldsmiths, London


Dec .6: Book Launch: Innovation in Music Conference, University of West London.

Nov. 26: Guest Lecture, University of Westminster

Nov. 19: Guest Lecture,University of Liverpool

Nov. 6: Guest Lecture, Glasgow University.

Oct. 21: Guest Lecture, Southampton Solent University.

October 19: Speaker on Gender and Diversity Panel, Wild Paths Festival, Norwich.

August 8:Speaker on industry round table discussion: Songwriting, Streaming and Sustainability @ The Ivors Academy


July 4-7: DIY: identity, community and the politics of independence. Keep It Simple Make It Fast Conference (KISMIF), University of Porto, Portugal.


Sep. 28: Panel Speaker: gender equality and diversity in music. Nordic Days Festival. The British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors (BASCA) in collaboration with the Swedish Composer (FST), London Southbank Centre.

Dec. 2-4: ‘When the screen disappears, and even though you’re looking at it you’re only hearing and listening to music, only then I know that I may have something good’ (Molina 2016): music production, creativity, genre and gender.Art of Record Production (ARP) Conference. Aalborg, 2-4 December.


Sept. 8-10: Kobalt, new industry and the female singer-songwriter: disruptive technology and gender in a fractured space. IASPM UK and Ireland Conference, Brighton.


June 16: Female Singer-Songwriter to Artist-Producer: music production, media representation and gender. The Gendered Politics of Production: Girls and Women as Media Producers. Middlesex University, London.


Dec. 4-6: Between the Private and the Public: the artist-producer and hybrids of production practice in the digital era. Art of Record Production (ARP) Conference, Oslo, 4-6 December.


Sept. 12-14: I’ve got to trust myself coz there’s no A&R dad who’s gonna take the rap for me’ (Little Boots, 2013). Self-production, self-releasing: new industry and gender. IASPM UK and Ireland Conference. Cork, 12- 14 September.


March 15: ‘Feel it and Catch a Vibe’(Summers, I., 2010):Music Production and Gender. Post-graduate Symposium. University of Liverpool.


Nov. 13-15: ‘Face It Guys, She’s A Genius’ (Empire, K., 2006): Production, Gender and the Independent Music Industry.ARP Conference. University of South Wales, Cardiff.


Nov. 14-16: Just Ask George: self-production, self-promotion, gender and the British independent artist.  ARP Conference. Lowell University, Massachusetts.


June 25-19: Will you be my Friend? Digital technology, the fan, the artist, the label: democracy for all? IASPM 14th Biennial Conference. Mexico City University, Mexico.


Sept. 17-18: A Studio of Her Own: Self-production and the Female Independent Artist.ARP Conference. University of Westminster, London.


July 18-23: Sounds a bit like Dido: the British music press and the female singer-songwriter. IASPM 13th Biennial Conference. University of Rome, Italy.